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Enjoy the freedom of learning how to improve your swim whenever and whenever you want.  You are not restricted to available hours of Swim Classes.

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Can't make it to a swim class.... this is the next best thing!

Coach Todd will give you new coaching tips and walk you through each of your  swim workouts.

  • Weekly Coaching Video

    The quickest way to improve your swimming speed is by learning proper technique.  Learn from a Coach with 15+ years experience!

  • On Line Workouts

    You will have new swim workouts to complete each week.  These workouts will be designed around your ability and planned to help you become a better swimmer.

  • Access to Map to Front Crawl

    You will also have access to Map to Front Crawl, which is an online program that will teach you everything you need to know about front crawl (just in case you want to learn in advance).

Hi Todd!
Just another thank you for being a terrific online coach!
Yesterday I finished IM YYC 70.3 and felt amazing in the water. 47 min!!!
In open water!! (with a minor sighting error) For me that's huge!
And to think last year I panicked during my first event and needed so many stops.

Looking forward to starting up again in the off season!



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