2014 - 2015 No Limits Brick Class Info Page

Welcome to No Limits Brick class webpage.
On this page you will find:

  1. A short video about the class (great for first timers).
  2. A list for what to bring to class.
  3. Class waiver (required for 2014 - 2015 classes as of October)

Thank you very much and please email me if you have any questions.

Coach Todd

What to bring to class (checklist):


Bike Trainer + Front wheel block (or telephone book)

Bike Shoes

Bike clothes (shorts and top)

Water bottles (with some sort of drink- water / sports drink) I like Heed

Energy – in the form of gels, bars or real food (bananas etc)

Towel to dry off before the run

Heart Rate monitor (not absolutely necessary)

Pumps will be avail

Spare Tube (yes we sometimes get flat tires in class)

Correct Skewer for your trainer (swap yours out before class)


Running shoes


Shorts, pants or tights

Underwear (yes sometimes we have runners who forget this on a cold day)

Shirt or shirts (layered for cold days)




Neck or face warmer (depending on weather)

Some quick energy (gels or other)

HR monitor or watch with pace

Class Waiver

Please click on the following link to complete a very short waiver. Note that this must be completed before your first class.


Thank you,