This is a program that is designed for someone who is just starting into triathlon and wants to train to complete a Sprint Triathlon. You will learn everything you need to know to train and to complete your sprint triathlon.

Qualifications needed:
• Someone who is looking to make a change in their life and wants to add more structure and focus to their exercise routine and training.
• Someone who is ready to take on the challenge of training for triathlon with the goal of crossing the finish line of a sprint triathlon.
• Someone who can exercise for 30 min a day and would like to increase to 60 or more minutes a day.
• Someone who can swim nonstop in the pool for 100m
• Someone who can bike and run for 15 minutes

About the Program:

• You will receive weekly workouts for swimming, biking and running
• You will have access to an online training calendar where you can log into your own training account and can make personal notes on your workouts and upload your training data (e.g. Heart Rate, Pace and Distance)
• Cost of the program is $75/month (+GST).
Contact Todd for more information.

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