[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]“When I look back at all I have achieved over the last few years I cannot quite believe how I did it all. Obviously you played a pivotal role in my success. Your coaching helped me manage work, school, training and life all at the same time! When I was coping with my knee injury, surgery and subsequent rehab, returning to triathlon was a big motivating factor and you brought me to a great comeback year. I have the greatest respect for your triathlon knowledge, coaching skills and sensibility.

Thank you so much for being you!”


“Thanks again Todd.

After the race, when you asked me what I wanted to do next, I didn’t want to let go of my life line so easily…I was so “shocked” that there would be no more training peaks :-(.

It has been absolutely essential to me over the last 5-6 months. When I wake up in the morning each day, my husband asks me what’s on for today, I look at Training Peaks, and other than going to work, that’s all I have to worry about accomplishing each day. It has been absolutely awesome to not have to “think” about what I needed to do.

And it has been a great lesson in letting go and just having faith, to just trust that if I don’t miss my scheduled workouts, that you know what you’re doing and I will come out with all the training I need at the end.

Right now I still feel really good about the weekend and am basking in having had a fun race.
Thanks Todd for coming up to Stony for us. It meant a lot to have you there.”



“In just over a week I will be completing Ironman Canada, something I would have never thought I would have been able to do, never mind want to do.

A couple years ago Todd found me attempting to swim for 20 minutes in my Bermuda shorts at Bankers Hall.   Today I believe the 3.8km swim will be a piece of cake.  For a guy that a few years ago did not own a road bike and who complained about back aches after 20 minutes of ‘running’,  crossing the finish line an Ironman has been a rewarding path.

So, here’s what I have to say.

If you are thinking about hiring a coach. Don’t.   Don’t think about it for another second !

DO IT NOW !  Run, bike, or swim as fast as you can to the nearest cell phone coverage area and plead with Todd to coach you now.


In my opinion “Everyone needs a coach”

Let me break that down.  It’s  “Everyone”, not just newby’s and not just pro’s.  It’s a “Need”, like oxygen and water, not a luxury like candy.

It’s ‘A’ coach, not access to 1000 coach blogs and ideas, but one that knows you, what you are about, what you want to do, what you have done.

It’s a “Coach”, not a friend, buddy, not a dictator or coordinator, but someone that truly knows you, pushes you, rewards you, provides discipline and process and affords you the building blocks for greater self-confidence.

A coach doesn’t make you do an Ironman.   Because of Coach Todd, I made the personal decision I could do an Ironman. Admittedly Todd’s optimism is contagious.

I can’t thank Todd enough for the things he has done for me so far.  He’s been a calming voice, motivational, a technique teacher and constructive critique.  He has helped me maintain discipline, encouraged me to reward myself and personally recognize my accomplishments, he’s a wealth of knowledge, and moreover a source of perspective.  Todd leads by example, is understanding of personal circumstance yet inspires to expand expectations.

He’s not all about improving one’s time in the pool, on the bike or in the runners, but Todd is all about improving ones TIME.  “What was the best thing about your week?”  “What are you looking forward to for your weekend.”  “How are your boys?” “How are your legs?”  He fosters balance!  Maybe his company name should be “No Limits with Balance”.

If you think your paying for the weekly schedule template, or the details of the days workouts, then your not paying attention.  These things you can get generically for free and are of similar value.  If you think it’s the resource of knowledge about nutrition, or research on the different ways to swim, you’re missing the point.  Should you expect to be told something no one else knows? No, but you’ll know what Todd does share with you, is in Todd’s opinion, right for you.

His plans work…for you.  His advice is appropriate for you.  He’s personable and personal.  He’s focused and diligent.  Reliable and flexible.  He provides a balanced approach that I find works with the rest of life.

So what should you budget? Whatever you do pay Todd, in my opinion (but I wouldn’t admit to Todd), is fractions of what he’s worth.”

Sincerely,Chris Oliphant


“Todd, I just wanted to tell you about my latest race.  It was a 10km in Invermere (Loop the lake) lots of hills.  I’ve done it before so last night I was visualizing the course and my perfect race like you talked about in my training notes.  The first 4km are slightly easier than the last so I pushed myself as hard as I could, knowing the hills were coming. I kept thinking about keeping my shoulders back and my arms not crossing in front but at my sides. There is a really long hill at 8km but I did hill repeats on it several times in the last couple weeks so although I slowed down it never crossed my mind that it was too hard. My previous best on this course was 50 something.  Today was 49:20. I know I have a faster 10km in me!

Throughout the race I focused why I was doing the race and the outcome I wanted. Previously I would have been thinking how hot I was or that I was feeling sick essentially looking for excuses for why I wasn’t performing how I wanted.

The reason I wanted to tell you is I’ve benefitted so much from training with you. Not only is my endurance better but I am much stronger mentally and all those tips you gave throughout training really do help.”

Thanks, Janine


“I was just saying to a friend today how much I have enjoyed, and benefited, from having your workouts each week. They have really challenged me, which is great as had it been up to me I would have just coasted along. So, thank you! And I realised today as I was out in the glorious sunshine doing my Fartleks how great it is that I can run fast (well, fast for me!) for 4 mins at a time and feel really good about it!  Something I have never done before!!

I am looking forward to Vegas but really  looking forward to my Olympic distance at the end of May to see how I can do!”



“I met Todd Malcolm through his role as coach of the swim team at my health club.  At the time, I had been running recreationally and, having achieved my goal of running in the Boston Marathon, was looking to find a new challenge.  I had recently completed a couple of Olympic distance triathlons, with mediocre results.  Having obtained a qualifying spot for the World Age Group Championships, I decided to see if I could become more competitive.  I hired Todd as my triathlon coach and we developed a set of goals for the upcoming year.  I began following a formal, periodized training program developed by Todd.

Each Sunday, Todd would send me a training program for the following week with a detailed set of workouts, some training tips and a personalized training schedule.  I would complete the workouts and then, at the end of the week, provide a summary of my training to Todd.  I began incorporating tempo workouts, intervals sets, hill training, core strength work and a variety of specific exercises to improve my swimming, biking and running technique.  Todd also made sure I took appropriate rest days and designed a comprehensive program to fit the various workouts together in a way that helped maximize my time and avoid injury.  In addition to seeing Todd at swim practices, once a month we would get together to review my progress and talk about any questions that I had.  Todd was also accessible by email and phone if I wanted to speak further about my training or races. He answered all the questions I had about nutrition, race strategy, transitions, mental strength, equipment and a variety of other topics.  In short, he helped me become a triathlete

I immediately began seeing results from working with Todd.  Despite training in three disciplines, my run times improved dramatically from when I ran on my own.  Although I came from a swimming / water polo background, Todd was able to improve my stroke and swim times.  Being a complete cycling novice, he was able to teach me the proper technique.     Over the last two years, with Todd’s advice and guidance, I have exceeded every athletic goal I set for myself, including: (i) 2:04 Olympic distance triathlon, (ii) 2:57 marathon; (iii) 1:24 half marathon; (iv) 4:37 half ironman; and (v) a 12th place finish in my age group at the World Aquathlon Championships.  This past year, I was proud to complete my first Ironman race, which I was able to share with Todd as a fellow competitor, coach and friend.

More important than the athletic goals he has helped me achieve, Todd has helped me keep everything in perspective.  He is a strong family man and consistently advocated that I make my triathlon training a part of a healthy lifestyle, balanced appropriately with my work, family and other endeavours.  Todd is positive, supportive and insightful.  He has helped my work through injury and other setbacks.  He has encouraged and inspired me to achieve more than I thought possible in the sport of triathlon.  He has helped me rediscover my passion for and love of sport.  For all of this, I am extremely grateful.

I strongly recommend Todd as a coach.”

Myron A. Tetreault


“I have been very pleased with the coaching Todd has provided me over the past year.  When I first met Todd I had never done a triathlon and I couldn’t swim more than 50 meters without being totally exhausted.  Now I can complete Olympic distance tris with respectable times and I’m looking forward to finishing my first half Ironman this year.  Todd provides specific and customized workouts to maximize my time invested in training, while still recognizing the other demands on my time.  His coaching is very invigorating and I love the challenge that he provides.  It is extremely motivating to have Todd as my coach.”



“Thanks Todd for all your help over the last 15 months you helped me open a door and made me realize that one person can accomplish almost anything they desire if they are committed and stay disciplined. It is no wonder you won the Coach of the year!”



“I appreciate your flexibility as a coach, and your patience.  When I needed to completely re-tool what I said I was going to do this year because of our new baby, there was no problem, you embraced the idea.  I like the way you are always so positive about things, and encourage me to set higher goals than I would have if left to my own.  I look forward to Sunday nights to see what challenges you will give me each week.  I like the fact that I can focus on one week at a time, rather than worry about the whole year (a year seems too large an endeavour).  It makes training manageable and yet I still get some good results at race season.  My goal is to stay in shape as I get older and busier at work.  Your balanced approached to work-out schedules makes me feel like I accomplish my goal every week.  I take real satisfaction from looking at my weekly schedule, checking off the work-outs you give me, and thinking “That was a good week!” Thanks for your help”.



“I have loved triathlons ever since my first one, but moving to Calgary, everything was new and I lost my drive to train. As soon as I started to train with Todd I got back in touch with that drive to be my best but especially, I remembered why triathlons were so much fun. Todd’s workouts are awesome and go by fast and honestly, anyone who can make me go from running 20 minutes (and being bored and hurt) to 90 minutes (and enjoying it) in less than 4 months is a hero ! Todd has a great training program, takes the time to make it personal and stays human as he is the first to know that life doesn’t always go as planned ! Thanks coach !”



“My first year in triathlon was a great learning experience.  Todd was able to coach me to a sub 12 hour IronMan my first time out.  Thanks Todd……a great memory to keep in the back pocket of my faded jeans!”



“I have participated in triathlons for over 15 years achieving mediocre results.  A dream of mine was to compete at the ITU Worlds as an age group athlete, realistically however, this goal felt like a moon shot five years ago.  From that time I have tried general programs obtained from magazines and books but they were not specific to my needs.

I have trained with Todd for the past two years and he has completely retooled my approach to triathlons both physically and mentally.  Todd compensates and adjusts your personalized program for family, work and generally life to ensure that the program is effective for you.

This year I was fortunate to qualify and compete in my first ITU Worlds and lived the dream.  Todd got me to the start line and what a great realization that was!  I am very grateful to Todd for changing my approach from completing triathlons to now competing at them.”



“Todd I would like to thank you for the coaching.

Four years ago when I started jogging I couldn’t even do 2 Km without stopping.
The next year I tried to do an Olympic triathlon.  I was thinking if I can do each distance individually
it shouldn’t be too hard to combine them. Nope!  This didn’t work out too well. I had to walk the 10km

I had very little idea of what I was doing

I then decided I needed a coach.  An online search led me to your website and after a few exchanged emails I joined No Limits in January 2014.

Over the next two and a half years I followed your training, coaching and nutrition plans.
This allowed me to feel very comfortable at the Olympic distance which then lead me to completing two 70.3 Ironman’s and competing in a full Ironman

I found your workouts were ever changing, challenging and never boring.  You provided a very good balance of workout intensity and volume which allowed my body to properly recover.


I especially enjoyed the underwater video swim sessions. Seeing my underwater swim stroke along with the stroke corrections made a huge improvement in my swim technique.  Minutes were knocked off of my Ironman swim time.

During the No Limits Calgary camp I was able to break into new territory and found myself completing distances I had never done before.

Overall I find myself in the best physical condition of my life (age group 65-69) which translates into doing triathlons and quality on all day to day activities.

If anyone is looking to do triathlons I would highly recommend Todd as their coach.
He has completed numerous Ironmans and shares his experience in the individualized training plans that are easy for a beginner to understand and execute.
Todd it was a good run!
Thanks for all the coaching and support”