Watch the training camp video from 2014

Watch the No Limits race video from 2014

Welcome Back!

In 2016 No Limits will return to sunny California for Wildflower.  Wildflower is a triathlon that is unlike no other.  It has been called the Woodstock of triathlon and for good reason.  It takes place in the middle of what seems to be nowhere and you will hear bands playing all weekend long as the worlds best triathletes race to see who will be King and Queen of wildflower.  Many local Californians choose to camp for the weekend and the volunteers are made up of students from local colleges and universities.  The enthusiasm from the volunteers is contagious and they will motivate you to race faster.

There will be many sights and sounds to take in and yes there are even cases of nudity. Close your eyes while running if this offends you.

What a week

You will take part in 5 days of training before the race.  This will serve to give you a great kick start to your year with no snow or gravel on the roads.  Each day we will Swim, Bike and Run.  The biking here is simply fantastic.  You will experience some great riding with amazing lookouts and yes there are going to be lots of hills.  By the end of the camp you will be ready for race day. No Worries!

This will be lots of fun!

We will not be training all the time.  Don't worry.  We are in wine country and there will be lots of time to sample the local wines during and after dinner.  The camp setting is very relaxed and the main goal of the camp is to build your fitness for the upcoming 2016 season.  You will not be disappointed.  Coach Todd will be completing his 9th Wildflower event and rumor has it that a double may be in sight.