Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you had a great Christmas and a really good New Year’s.  We did.

Are you looking forward to another new year?

I am.

We are so lucky and fortunate to be alive and have the chance to do exciting and adventurous things.

For the past 8 or so years I have entered myself into at least one Ironman competition a year.  I do this for a number of reasons.  My main reason is that I absolutely love the training and everything needed to prepare for the race.  I enjoy the suffering and joy I find during workouts and sharing these moments with others is very special to me.  Before the start of each Ironman I know that I will be in good shape.  I can’t lie when I say…I like being in shape.  It is a great feeling.  When you only have to ride for three hours as the race is close is an amazing feeling.  Oh…it’s only 3 hours casually rolls of the tongue.  Right now 3 hours on the bike would probably kill me. Not really. 😉   Travelling to races is also part of the package.  Believe it or not…I actually look forward to heading to the luggage counter with my bike.  What will happen today?  How much will we be charged?  If I could not make this fun I don’t think I could do this year after year.

My goal for this year is to show my athletes fun places that I like to go.  We will be heading to Hawaii (Kona) in May and then off to Ironman Canada in Whistler in July.  Love those places.

I am already planning my 2016.  Yes I know 2015 is barely here.

This is my dream.  In 2016 we go to Spain for a week long training camp that ends with Barcelona 70.3.  Then…on Monday we hop on a plane and fly to the Canary Islands to do another week of rest/training that is topped with Ironman Lanzarote.  Yes…..I know what you are thinking….some planning will have be done and decisions made….but all in all it sounds wonderful, eh?

Over Easter my wife and I will travel to Spain to scout out rides for the camp and test out my Spanish lessons.  Yup I am learning how to speak Spanish.  🙂

After reading the above I hope you are excited…or at least get your mind and thoughts moving.

Each year we have the opportunity to do great and amazing things.  It doesn’t have to involve travel to Europe.  Great things happen in our homes and backyards.  I want all of us to open our eyes to the things we can do and then set plans and steps in place so that we can achieve them.

I truly believe that most of us are holding back every day.  Let’s aim to play a little bigger this year and believe that within each of us is No Limits!

I wish you all the best this year and hope you kick butt at everything you do.

Happy Training!
Coach Todd

calella Spain
Todd’s dream. What’s yours?

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