Well it is that time of year again when we move our bikes inside.  For me it is bitter sweet as I love riding outside with the group.  Moving inside means our training will be completed on an indoor trainer.  I have two that I use.  One is a fancy computrainer that hooks up to my computer and I can ride along with many different courses and even race against my last workout and it is super cool.  My other trainer is a set of rollers which is very basic.  All I do is pick up my bike and put them on the rollers and start riding.  There is a lot of skill involved and yes at first you will need nerves of steel but after a while you may soon start to love them.  Below are two videos. The first is of me showing you that I still can ride the rollers and the other is a video where I go over the different types of trainers.  If you are buying your first indoor trainer and need some help.  Shoot me an email.  Enjoy the videos and happy training!

Coach Todd

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