Who out there stretches after each workout?  Who stretches once a day?  Who stretches once a week?  Who does not stretch at all?

I know for a fact that many of you do not stretch at all and what is interesting is that these same people rarely have running injuries.  Hmmm.

I have been in the sport of triathlon now for 23 years and my stretching routine is very simple.

Here it is:
1) I do not stretch before swimming, biking or running
2) I use a gradual 10-15 min warmup instead of stretching
3) I do not stretch after swimming or biking
4) I stretch after most of my runs using a routine I learned close to 20 years ago
5) I stretch using TRX 1x a week after my strength routine

This has worked quite well for me in the past.  Unless I fracture a bone skiing I am generally quite healthy and stretching after my runs is very important to me.  On the days that I skip stretching after running I can really feel the tightness in my body the next day….I then say to myself….”I should have stretched!”.

A few weeks ago I had the great opportunity to talk with Louise Taylor of The Downtown Sports Clinics here in Calgary. We chatted about stretching and Louise showed me some new stretches.  I videotaped the sessions to share with you.

To view the videos please click on this link:

I have also added the stretches that I do after my runs at the bottom of page.


Happy Training
Coach Todd

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